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We are committed to the socio-economic empowerment of our farmers.


- Access to seedlings through linkages to sources of quality seedlings
- Crop Management through on farm visits and training sessions
- Pest and disease control training and advice
- Soil care advice
- Post harvest management
- Promotion of labour saving technologies for on-farm productivity


- Nuts aggregation and collection centres close to the farmers
- Competitive and prompt payments to the farmers
- Payments to farmers using web-to-mobile platforms



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Exotic EPZ are very reliable, supportive and very efficient with communication. They also make their payments as promised directly to our mobile phones.

Murang'a Farmer - Jane "Wa Maendeleo"

Frequent asked questions

Which soil types are best for growing Macadamia

Acidic soils are the best. In Kenya, you will find that most macadamia trees are found in places where there is predorminant coffee growing.

What varieties of Macadamia can i grow?

The most common and preferred type of Macadamia in Kenya is the Murang'a 20. You can also grow other varieties like the Kirinyaga 15, Embu 1 and Kiambu 3.

Why do most farmers in Kenya prefer the Murang'a 20 Macadamia variety?

The Murang'a 20 variety is great because it can adapt to a wider range of climate. 

What is the difference between Murang'a 20, Kirinyaga 15, Embu 1 & Kiambu 3?

Muranga 20, Kirinyaga 15 & Embu 1 belong to Integrifolio while Kiambu 3 is a tetraphyla. The physical difference you will notice is that the tetraphyla category has thorny leaves,flowers are pink and the young shoots are red while the Integrifolio have smooth leaves, cream white flowers and the young shoot are green.

Where can i get good seedlings?

There are recommended certified nurseries by KEPHIS that you should get seedlings from.


How long to Macadamia Tree's maturity?

When you grow your first batch of Macadamia seedlings, your first crop will be in the 5th year and you will harvest very good crop in the 9th year.Great production per tree is at a range of 50kgs-80kgs per tree per year.

How do i maintain my Macadamia farm?

Like every other crop, Macadamia require extensive care. Your tree will need a specifc feeding regime including fertilizer, manure etc. Contact us for any additional advice on this.

When should i harvest my Macadamia?

The most accurate answer to this question is that you need to wait for the nuts to fall. This guarantees that you always harvest/pick the most mature nuts. As a guideline we advise all farmers to have their grounds clean for easier picking of the nuts.

How should i take care of harvested Macadamia nuts?

First, harvesting is picking from the ground after it falls and not from the trees.

After collection, farmers should de-husk as soon as possible to get the nut. Thereafter, store the nuts in a sisal/jute bag in an area with good air circulation and place the bag prefrably on a wooden board and not directly on the floor. This prevents any water absorption which could lead to moulds forming.

Storage should be short term so that farmers can earn more. The longer the farmers store the nuts the more water the nuts loose and therefore the weight gets lower which in turn means less revenue because nuts are purchased based on weight. 

When should i sell my Macadamia?

Sell the macadami nuts immediately you harvest. Harvesting is basically picking the nuts that have fallen on the ground since they will be mature and ready for processing.