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FSSC 22000 V5 certified
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Environmental Sustainability

We are committed to actively contribute to environmental sustainability so as to ensure our actions today make the world better for now and for future generations. In line with this, our initiatives have been:


1. Use Of Renewable Energy – We have installed a 47.5Kwh Solar plant to supplement our power sources thus significantly reducing our carbon footprint.


2. Use of recycling technologies and processes. To fuel our boilers we reuse shells waste from nuts that we crack. We are currently looking into how we can turn the unsound kernels into macadamia oil.


3. We are actively promoting planting of more macadamia trees as Commercial Forests and partnering with certified nurseries to ensure farmers have access to good varieties of seedlings. Planting macadamia trees directly benefits the environment as the trees fix CO2 very effectively. The trees also provide the families planting them a source of income, permanent employment, and nutrients important to their diet and for the development of their children.


4. We have taken our team through environmental management practices training to enhance our capacity to contribute to environmental conservation. Towards this we have put in place an Environmental Policy as part of our commitment towards environmental sustainability.